Lending Tutorial

Lending Areas

Welcome to Lending on the Prime Platform

Once you have access to Lending on the Prime Platform, you can navigate using the Menu icon in the top left or the Lending context menu in the top navigation.  

Currently, the Lending Section is read only.  If you are interested in rate information, please reach out to your Genesis contact or email [email protected].

Below is an overview of the different Lending areas.


The Dashboard is an overview of your Borrows and Loans.

SUMMARY panel provides a high-level overview of key stats, including a summary graphic to visualize holdings.

BALANCES panel displays an asset-by-asset breakdown of accrued interest. The assets colors correspond to the colors visible in the graphic in the Summary panel.

COLLATERAL panel displays active collateral balances and associated details.

SNAPSHOT displays a list of all your Borrows and Loans with their details. By default, we show active Borrows and Loans, but you can click the Show Inactive to display all. Download Snapshot information to csv format using the download icon.

DOWNLOADS and ACTIVITY panels display the most up-to-date downloadable content and loan/borrow information. These panels link to other pages within Prime for more detailed reports.


View all activity in your account.  By default, we display the activity of the current month for all Assets and Transactions, but you can customize filters to see all past activities and download to a csv file.


History displays Daily Balances and Daily Accrued Interest on all your Borrows and Loans.  These views can be customized and downloaded to a csv file.

DAILY BALANCES show your daily account balances broken up by asset. We display daily balances for the current month for all Assets by default. 

DAILY ACCRUED INTEREST shows the daily interest accruals by Asset as well as the Interest Paid and/or Received summarized Month to Date (MTD) and Year to Date (YTD) for your account. 


View and download Interest Invoice (Payables) and/or Statements (Receivables) information here by Period and Type. Line items are grouped by Asset, expand to view details.  In the Payments column, mouseover info icon to view Payment details. Interest information can be downloaded to csv or pdf formats, click download and select your preferred format.


Download available reports under Reports. Currently, we provide a Daily Report that summarizes your Active Borrows/Loans, Collateral Posted/Received and Interest.


The Settlement page is a section in Prime that allows you to view and manage your settlement information, as well as Genesis wallets and banks for settlement. The Settlement page can be accessed in the top navigation or  Menu icon in the top left.

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