Genesis Treasury

Genesis works with forward-thinking treasury executives who are interested in purchasing and holding bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset.

The Treasury Role Is

Genesis works with treasury executives looking to use return on equity, liquidity and yield as tools to move their business forward.

We help proactive treasurers use bitcoin to optimize the mix of assets on their balance sheet and deliver meaningful contributions to overall financial performance.

Bitcoin As a Treasury Reserve Asset

Bitcoin is seeing increasing global retail and institutional adoption, with a liquidity profile that provides compositional benefits similar to short-term treasuries. In an inflationary environment, it’s a store of value and defensive hedge with attractive supply and demand dynamics. 

As an investment, bitcoin has consistently been one of the best performing asset classes in the world. As negative interest rates persist, it’s also one of the few vehicles that can help investors achieve their target rate of return to meet financial obligations. 

Treasury executives making initial distributions have seen significant upside. For examples of treasuries making allocations, including basis price and current value, see

About Genesis

Who We Are

Genesis is a full-service digital asset prime brokerage and global leader in institutional digital asset markets. Our Q2 2021 results include over $125 billion YTD in trades, loans and transactions.

Genesis launched the first U.S. OTC bitcoin trading desk in 2013. We’ve grown alongside the market with a proven track-record driving results for institutional investors.

Genesis is a subsidiary of DCG, the largest investor in the bitcoin and blockchain space. We are the exclusive distribution and marketing agent for Grayscale Investments, the largest digital currency asset manager with over $46 billion in assets under management (as of 9/2/2021).

Find out more about our company history, our prime brokerage services and our Q2 and Q1 2021. Click here for our risk disclosures.

Genesis Treasury – Execution Services

Genesis Treasury walks clients through every step of the process of purchasing bitcoin to diversify their balance sheet holdings.

We specialize in large block size execution strategies, working together to determine target timeframes, dollar cost averaging, spread on execution costs, and approaches to settling trades after the initial purchase period.

We help clients think through how bitcoin interacts with the full range of instruments on their balance sheet, including discussing how it can be used to enable specific hedges and portfolio construction strategies.

Our team of specialists works with your executive team to review key operational, financial, legal, regulatory, accounting and tax considerations, and ensures they are aware of beneficial attributes like the efficiency of bitcoin’s cash conversion cycle.


Genesis can also offer yield on holdings once treasury assets are converted to bitcoin, and can work with you to use the bitcoin on your balance sheet as collateral to raise USD.

Genesis is the largest institutional lender in the digital asset space, offering both monthly and annual returns.

Our lending business has originated over $66 billion in loans as of the end of Q2 2021, with comprehensive risk management procedures and zero defaults across the history of the lending business. We closed Q2 2021 with over $8 billion in active loans.

Get Started

Get in touch to add bitcoin as a component of your treasury portfolio, optimize the mix of assets on your balance sheet, and make a lasting contribution to your company’s financial performance.

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