Transact with a Leader in Digital Currency Trading

Genesis Global Trading, Inc. is an institutional trading firm offering two-sided liquidity for digital currency, including bitcoin and ether.


Genesis is a global leader in digital currency trading

Since September 2013, Genesis has traded over 1,500,000 Bitcoin (BTC), worth over $600 million United States Dollars, and has completed over 6,000 trades. Genesis makes buying and selling large blocks of digital currency a simple, secure, and supported process for our clients.


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Digital Currency – BitLicense submitted & pending approval by New York State Department of Financial Services

Focused on clients

Execute real-time transactions with a dedicated trader

Deep pool of liquidity

Transact in large blocks of digital currency

Same-day settlement

Conduct business without delay

Centralized account management

Manage and track your digital currency trade history all in one place

Trusted banking relationships

Send and receive native fiat to and from major banking institutions